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Simple Wills in Virginia

Affordable Simple Wills in Virginia

Take Control of What Happens to Your Assets

Simple Will – Just $195   Get Started Now!

Simple Wills are one of the most basic forms of Last Wills and Testament used to pass assets from one person to another. Preparing a Will not only lets you specify exactly where your assets should go, it also allows you to name the person or people you would like to use to manage the process (the Executor).

What Happens if I Don’t Have a Will?

The Commonwealth of Virginia will decide how to distribute your assets. Without a will in place, the State has no choice but to make all the necessary decisions for you, often in a way contrary to your wishes. A Will allows you to make many of the vital decisions necessary to properly distribute your estate rather than forcing the state to make all these decisions for you.

Is a Simple Will All I Need?

Having a Simple Will is certainly much better than not having a Will at all. However, a Will does not keep your estate out of probate. If probate avoidance is important to you, a Revocable Living Trust may be the way to go.

Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates specializes in providing low cost Wills and complete estate planning services to residents of Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, McLean, Vienna, Centreville and all of Northern Virginia. We never charge more than we advertise and we never charge based on the size of your estate.

Contact us for a free estate planning consultation!

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