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Destroying a Will

You may choose to destroy a will if you intend to make a new one and thereby revoke all previously written ones. Ensuring that no copy remains of the previous will(s) is critical. Not doing so could lead to the assumption that the will was accidentally destroyed and could still be regarded as valid. Following a legal process of revocation can help contain arguments and avoid feuds among possible heirs and claimants to your property and assets.

Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates, attorney and counsellors at law based in Vienna, North Virginia can offer you all the legal advice you need on every aspect of revoking and destroying a will.

Customers in McLean, Vienna, Fairfax, Reston, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Tyson’s Corner, Sterling, Great Falls and all across Northern Virginia endorse the quality of our legal services. When destroying a will it is important to ensure that neither part nor copy of the will remains, and that it is clear that the intention was to revoke the will.

The best method of destroying a will is to tear it up or burn it, and it is best to do this yourself or have it done in your presence. It is insufficient to ask an executor to destroy the will without being there to witness it.

If copies of your will are held with lawyers or elsewhere, you must also make sure that all of these are also destroyed. Keep in mind when writing a new will to revoke all previous wills and testaments. This will ensure that the most recent will is the one which will be executed.

We can advise you on all of the issues surrounding destroying a will.  Get in touch to speak with one of our experienced attorney or legal counsellors.

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