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Writing a Simple Will

A Simple Will allows you to distribute your estate and assets as you choose after your death, and to name an executor to handle all of your affairs. Writing a simple will is neither difficult nor expensive, with the right legal advice and from experts like Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates. It can make all the difference to your heirs after your death.

We pride ourselves on the affordable legal services that we provide and the expertise of our lawyers. Call us today at Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates to write a simple will, discuss estate planning and avoiding probate. Dial  703-938-3510  to speak to a legal expert.

We have served many clients with comprehensive legal services all across Northern Virginia, including Fairfax, Reston, McLean, Vienna, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Tyson’s Corner, Sterling and Great Falls. We offer legal counsel for wills, trust administration, Family Limited Partnerships and all your estate planning needs.

What is a simple will?

A simple will is a legal document that applies only to you, rather than in the case of a joint will which applies to you and your spouse. It will include:

  • Information about you, sufficient to identify this document as your will

  • Names of your beneficiaries, and sufficient information such as dates of birth or place of residence for the reader of the will to identify them

  • The name of your executor(s)

  • Directions for the care of your children or anyone else for whom you are legally responsible, including the names of any guardians to be appointed

  • Details of the distribution of your assets and estate

Why you should have a will

Should you die without a Will (“intestate”), the State will decide what happens to your estate and assets. These will be distributed according to State law, and may not go to those whom you would choose to benefit after your death. A Will ensures that your wishes are carried out after your death, and will also help to prevent any unnecessary problems for your family, children, and friends.

Contact us today and let us assist you with writing a simple will in Northern Virginia.

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