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About Northern Virginia Estate Planning Lawyers: Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates

The Law Firm of Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates provides quality estate planning legal services to Northern Virginia families.  We realize that despite the recognized importance of estate planning, it is one of those things that many, if not most people tend to put off.  Just about every client who sits down in our offices admits right off the bat that “they have been meaning to get this done for years.”

Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates has prepared over 10,000 Virginia wills, trusts and estate planning documents.

One of the most important reasons cited for putting these things off is the cost.  Unfortunately, unlike most goods and services people buy, estate planning and legal document preparation fees vary wildly, not only from state to state and city to city, but even from one firm to another, even if they are just down the block from each other.  Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates prides itself on our ability to ably represent our estate planning clients without charging them exorbitant fees in the process.  We challenge you to contact other Northern Virginia estate lawyers before giving us a call.  If you can even get them to quote you a fixed fee over the phone or on their websites (most won’t), you will find that most if not all of them will want to charge you considerably more for the same estate planning services.  If they try to tell you that they are really offering more “comprehensive services” or that “you get what you pay for,” just give us a call and we will prove otherwise.  You be the judge.

If you are considering using an internet will, or other do it yourself will approach, please read our note on that subject.   Note: Ask us about free, private seminars on estate planning.

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