From the Attorney at Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates

If you already have a will, the truth is that there’s still a lot more you can do for your loved ones. For years, the attorney at Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates have helped create living trusts for residents of Vienna and all of Northern Virginia. You can call us at 703-938-3510 today and we’ll be happy to do the same for you.

The Importance of a Living Trust

A living trust is a document that allows for transferring legal title of your property into the trust, and you can serve as your own trustee. Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates can help you understand the intricacies of this decision and assist you in making the right choice.

When you pass away, if you simply leave a will, your assets can get tied up in probate for years instead of transferring right to your intended recipients.

The Difference Between a Will and a Living Trust

One misconception people have is that a will and living trust is the same thing. But this isn’t the case and it’s important you understand the difference.

Your last will is a document that will outline how you want your property distributed to beneficiaries. It can spell out your last wishes and assign minor children to guardians. This is certainly a very important document. Lacking a will, courts will make these important decisions for you. So if you currently don’t have a will, wed be happy to work with you to make one.

A trust is used to transfer your assets to the intended beneficiaries right away, without having to go to probate.

Obtaining a Living Trust

At Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates, we have the knowledge and experience to make this complicated, but important, process as easy as possible for people in Vienna looking to establish a living trust. Call us today at 703-938-3510 to take a huge step towards greater peace of mind.