From the Attorney at Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates

Along with a Last Will and Testament, it’s essential that you outline an advance medical directive, also known as a Living Will to ensure your desires regarding health care are met when you are unable to make those decisions for yourself. If you live in Vienna, VA, and don’t currently have a medical directive, Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates can help. Give us a call at 703-938-3510 to handle this all important matter.

The Purpose of a Medical Directive

Medical directives are created while you are still alive and of sound mind and serve to express your intentions regarding your health care after you are no longer able to do so. While it’s no fun to think about such an event occurring, it’s no less important. Advance medical directives tell medical professionals and loved ones what we wish to have done in terms of life-prolonging services.

Life-Prolonging Services

This can be a potentially misleading term, which is why we make sure you understand what “life-prolonging services” entail before you start making plans regarding them. As medical directives are only invoked when you are in a vegetative state, it means that the doctor believes there is no hope for your recovery.

Life-prolonging services, therefore, mean exactly that. They will connect you to machines that pump food and water into your system through tubes and force your body to breathe. If you like, Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates can also stipulate that medication be administered in case the doctors believe you are in pain.

What Will Happen if You Lack a Medical Directive

Without a medical directive, the decision about your care will most likely default to your closest relative: some family member or guardian. If there isn’t a clear choice, a judge may be in charge of deciding how a doctor will proceed. This is why so many look to Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates to make sure they’re in charge of these decisions. Keep in mind, too, that so long as you are of sound mind, you can revoke or alter your medical directive. There’s no clause that makes the initial one set in stone. So it’s worthwhile to take the time to have one done today, just in case. Given the topic, it’s easy to put off forming a medical directive. But at Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates we make the process as easy as possible and serve clients throughout Northern Virginia including the Vienna area. With our experience, you’ll have your medical directive done right the first time.