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Working With an Estate Planning Attorney in Fairfax VA

When was the last time you gave any thought to estate planning? Perhaps you’ve never considered it. Or maybe you made a will several years ago, and have thought many times about revising it, but somehow never found the time.

If you’ve been putting off this very important task, don’t hesitate any longer – call Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates today at 703-938-3510. Our firm provide legal guidance for estate planning in Fairfax, Virginia and throughout all of Northern Virginia.

No one wants to think about their own inevitable demise, but the fact is, if you don’t look after the details, you run the risk of causing your heirs to experience undue stress, and possibly incur unnecessary costs, after you are gone.

What Is Estate Planning?

Many people think estate planning consists of nothing more than writing a will, and of course, that’s part of it. But even if you own no property at all, you need to consider things like who you want to act for you should you become disabled, how you feel about life support, whether you prefer burial or cremation, and more. At Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates, you can work with an estate planning attorney in Fairfax, where we’ve been assisting residents of Northern Virginia for over 20 years.

Is Estate Planning Complicated?

To the average person, estate planning might seem a little intimidating. However, once you’ve met with an estate planning attorney, you’ll see that it’s really just a matter of looking after the details. The following are a few things your attorney will discuss with you:

  • Your will – Everybody needs one. If you don’t have a will, your estate planning attorney can help you create one. If you do have a will, it’s good to update it periodically.  Click here to read more about simple wills.

  • Power of attorney – This is a legal document that gives a person you trust the right to act for you financially if you should become ill or disabled to the point where you can no longer handle your own affairs.  Click here to read more about the types of powers of attorney.

  • Medical directives –You can specify which measures you wish to have taken should you become terminally ill or permanently disabled (life support, do not resuscitate orders, etc.) If you should require nursing home care, and you want to stay in your hometown, an estate planning attorney in Fairfax can make sure that your wishes are clearly spelled out. You can also designate another person to make medical decisions for you if you are no longer capable.  Click here to read more about medical directives.

  • Letters of instruction – There’s very little point in simply telling your heirs what you want done after you are gone. If it is important to you, for example, that you be buried as opposed to cremated, you should put it in writing. If you want some people notified of your death but not others, document your wishes. You should also leave written instructions as to where to find important documents, keys, computer passwords, etc. Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates has estate planning attorney in Fairfax who can help you with the necessary documentation.

  • Guardianship – If something happens to you, is guardianship of your children looked after? You need to have your wishes in writing. An estate planning attorney can help you to craft a guardianship and trust will. Without this documentation, the court or family members may have to make the decision.

  • Your assets – In addition to consulting with an estate planning attorney in Fairfax, you will probably want to meet with a financial advisor to discuss your assets. Then your estate planning attorney can help you to plan for their disbursement. You’ll also need to consider any debt that might be attached to your estate should you pass away.

Is Estate Planning Expensive?

The cost of estate planning relates to the complexity of the estate, not its size. Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates offers packages beginning at very affordable prices.

Don’t leave your estate planning until the last minute. All it takes is a phone call, and a Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates estate planning attorney in Fairfax will work with you to make sure that your legal documentation corresponds with your wishes, and that all important decisions are considered. Call us today at 703-938-3510.

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