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Yes, You Can Afford Estate Planning—And You Can’t Afford to Avoid It

If you are looking for professional, high-quality estate planning services in Fairfax/Oakton, Virginia (Fairfax County), at a reasonable, fixed fee, it is time to call Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates. Our law firm provides quality estate planning services to families in Northern Virginia, and can address your estate planning concerns in an effective, yet affordable manner.

Ensuring Your Most Precious Possessions are Protected

It can be unsettling to think not only about what will happen to your possessions after you pass away, but about what will happen to what is most precious —your children. If you are younger, you may believe there is plenty of time in the future to address these concerns. If you are in your golden years, you may resist estate planning precisely because it reminds you there might not be plenty of time. For either of these situations—and many more— it is time you attend to the critical nature of estate planning.

Affordable Estate Planning Services

Simple Wills

Simple Wills are one of the most basic forms of Last Wills and Testament used to pass assets from one person to another.  Preparing a Will not only lets you specify exactly where your assets should go, it also allows you to name the person or people you would like to use to manage the process (the Executor).

Estate Planning Package

Many of our clients need several estate planning documents. Our standard estate planning package includes: Will – a document that directs how your assets are to be distributed to your heirs and survivors, and names an executor who will be responsible for making sure it is honored. Power of Attorney – grants another person…

Revocable Living Trust

If you are considering a revocable living trust in Virginia as part of your overall estate planning, you can trust Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates to attend to your needs. A revocable living trusts allows the assets you include in it to transfer to your heirs upon your death without going through the state’s probate process and delays.

Peace of Mind Comes with an Estate Plan

If discussing wills and estate planning makes you uncomfortable, consider the fact that not only is your peace of mind at stake, your family’s future is also at stake. So, while nobody likes to think about estate planning, remember the old adage that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. The best way to plan for the one certainty—death—is to create a comprehensive estate plan. While the very term “estate plan” may bring to mind a complex set of documents that only the very rich require, in fact every single person can benefit from some level of estate planning.

Benefits of Estate Planning

In the absence of an estate plan, issues are resolved by courts and state law. If you prefer to decide the best choices for your family on your own, remember that state law is largely indifferent to your wishes and will distribute your assets regardless of those desires. Specifically, here’s how you will benefit from the creation of an estate plan:

  • Your wishes will be carried out as far as distribution of your assets;

  • If you have a blended family, an estate plan is even more important;

  • If you want to leave money to a charity after your death, an estate plan is essential;

  • If you own a business, an estate plan can detail succession;

  • Estate taxes can be reduced, or even eliminated with a well-thought-out estate plan;

  • Should you decide on a trust, your privacy can be protected through the avoidance of probate;

  • Guardians will be designated for your minor children, and

  • You can name an executor you trust for your estate.

Why More Families in Northern Virginia and Fairfax County Choose Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates for all Their Estate Planning Needs

There are many reasons those who reside in the Northern Virginia and Fairfax County areas choose Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates for all their estate planning needs, no matter how large or how small. Some of these reasons include:

  • We NEVER bill by the hour, respecting the budget needs of our clients;

  • We will NEVER charge more than our advertised price, so you can put worries about cost aside, and,

  • We NEVER base our fees on the size of your estate.

Estate Planning Tips & Advice

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