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Will Writing Lawyers Serving Northern Virginia Residents

The Law Firm of Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates

While it is not very pleasant to think about writing a will, it is something that everyone should take the time to do. Here in Northern Virginia, the estate laws are very specific, leaving little room for debate about who is entitled to what. Creating a will ensures that your estate goes to the people you designate. In addition, creating a will allows you to specify the executor of your estate.

Taking care of this essential estate planning document does not have to be a long, expensive, or tedious process – with guidance from Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates, you can create a will that addresses the essential issues at a reasonable price, and in a convenient manner.

The Role of a Will?

A will is the most basic document used in estate planning. A will documents and makes your wishes official for whoever you choose to inherit your assets. A will also allows you to designate guardians for your children and to address certain other issues.

It is important to consider how you would like your assets handled and to have those wishes documented so that your loved ones will be able to execute them accordingly.

Why Do I Need a Will?

One of the most important things that a will does is specify which assets are to be inherited by which heirs. When someone passes away without a will, their assets are distributed according to the laws in their state.

When you create a will, you not only determine how your assets will be handled, you also name the person you would like to be in charge of administering your will. This person is referred to as the executor.

Why should I hire a lawyer to create my will?

The laws that affect inheritance are complex and change on a regular basis. Although wills can be very simple and straightforward, issues may arise that you are unaware of that will affect your estate and heirs. A lawyer with experience in state law will be able to keep you up to date on changes in the law that affect you and will bring issues to your attention that you may have overlooked.

Whether designating an alternate guardian for your minor children or determining the distribution of your assets, a lawyer with experience in estate planning is a valuable asset when you are creating such an important document as a will.

Don’t Wait, Create Your Will Before It’s Too Late

A will is one of the most basic documents used in estate planning, but that does not mean that a will is all the estate planning a person needs. Contact Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates’ will-writing attorney today to create an estate plan that addresses all of your concerns.

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