Creating Special Needs Trusts in Northern Virginia

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Do you have a loved one or family member that has special needs? A Special Needs Trust, sometimes referred to as a Supplemental Needs Trusts, is an effective estate planning instrument created specifically to benefit an individual that has special needs and disabilities (physical or mental). The estate planning attorney at Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates in Vienna, Virginia can create a special needs trust anywhere in Northern Virginia at a great price.

Transfer Assets without Affecting Government Benefits

A Special Needs Trust is a simple way to transfer assets without reducing, diminishing or eliminating any benefits received from various government programs including Social Security and Medicaid. Additionally, the instrument is often used as a supplemental to provide extra care for the individual beyond what the government will provide.

Creating a Special Needs Trust

Creating a Special Needs Trust should be handled by a competent estate planning attorney. The instrument will allow parents to provide monies necessary to fund the trust often with the purchase of a life insurance policy payable directly to the trust.

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