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Revocable Living Trust in Virginia

Revocable Living Trust Attorney in Virginia

Revocable Living Trust Package – Just $2,295   Get Started Now!

Northern Virginia families use Revocable Living Trusts for many reasons. However, most people using the Revocable Living Trust to address their estate planning needs do so to avoid probate.

Our Virginia Revocable Living Trust Package includes the following important legal documents:

  • Revocable Living Trust

  • Pour-over Will

  • Power of Attorney

  • Advance Medical Directive

  • Deed of Gift

  • Certificate of Trust

Everyone can benefit by probate avoidance available through the use of a Revocable Living Trust.

Our Virginia attorney provides low-cost estate planning services to families in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, McLean, Vienna, Great Falls and all of Northern Virginia.

Learn More About Revocable Living Trusts in Virginia

If you are considering a revocable living trust in Virginia as part of your overall estate planning, you can trust Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates to attend to your needs. With over twenty years of service, we confidently offer the best in legal services to all of our clients at prices they can afford.

Benefits of Trusts in Virginia

Trusts have become a popular choice in estate planning because they offer distinct advantages over traditional and simpler wills. In general, trusts are an entity that can own and maintain assets and property separately from the individual who operates and maintains them. They offer a way to separate your assets from yourself so that they can be easily passed on to the desired heirs after the original owner passes away.

While there are many types of trusts, revocable living trusts in particular have become desirable for a variety of different reasons.

4 Reasons Families Choose a Revocable Living Trust:

  • Living trusts can be created while the individual is alive, allowing them to administer the trust until they pass away or become unable to do so

  • Revocable trusts can be changed and even dissolved at the creator’s discretion, for any reason they choose and without consulting anyone else

  • Trusts do not have to be filed in probate court. This allows the trust to pass on to the appropriate trustee who will distribute assets to the heirs accordingly without the time delays and costs of probate court.

  • Additionally, there is no public record of one’s assets as there would be with a will. This allows a greater degree of privacy to one’s heirs.


Many of our estate planning clients at Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates choose revocable living trusts for the degrees of control and flexibility they offer. Even if you do not think that your estate is substantial enough to merit this type of estate planning, it is a good idea to consult a professional who can review your specific situation and help you decide on the best choice for your assets and needs.

Customers are often surprised to realize how much they can benefit from these types of services, even when they thought a simple will would suffice.

If you’d like more information about living trusts in Virginia, please contact Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates today to get started.

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