Pourover Wills and Trusts, Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates in Northern Virginia will give you expert legal advice on a Pour over Will to help protect your assets and estate. There is only one beneficiary of a Pour over will – your living trust – and we will ensure that your property and estate benefits from the advantages of a pour over will, which include reduced taxes and distribution of your tangible personal property, which is not included in your revocable living trust (RLT).

You may be concerned about the options available to you for management and disposal of your assets to the correct beneficiaries, as well as how to avoid unnecessary taxes and probate, which could be of detriment to your heirs.

Understanding the different types of wills and trusts is our job here at Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates, and we are fully au fait with the laws of Northern Virginia concerning death and asset management and disposal, as well as probate and taxes.

You can be confident that seeking Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates`s advice on all aspects of the law will not break the bank. We pride ourselves on the affordable legal services that we provide and the expertise of our lawyers.

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What is a pour over will?

A pour over will has a single beneficiary – your revocable living trust. It is so-called because it literally means that all of the assets “pour over” into the trust on your death. These assets may include those that have been purchased during your lifetime but not included in the living trust, such as personal possessions or property. These are treated as `residual assets` from your estate and the pour over will ensure that these are distributed according to the provisions in the trust.

The pourover will revoke prior wills, as well as nominate executors and guardians for any minor children. It can also include additional clauses and provisions, for instance regarding tax allocation.

Why make a pour over will?

It is easy, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, to forget to keep the trust documents up to date with all your new purchases, even including property. A pour over will ensures that any residue of your estate that is not already included in your Living Trust will be distributed as you wished.

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