Northern Virginia Durable Power of Attorney

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For those worried about becoming terminally ill or requiring end of life care in the case of an accident or grave ill-health, making a durable power of attorney can bring reassurance that your wishes will be carried out.

A durable power of attorney or health care proxy is a vital document in your estate planning and allows you to ensure that the person of your choice is entitled to make legal and business decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.

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Why should I grant a durable power of attorney?

Power of attorney allows a person of your choice to make decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so. Without such a document, that is legally binding, even your nearest and dearest may need to seek permission from the courts to become your guardian and make business and legal decisions on your behalf.

In cases of grave ill-health or end of life situations, it would be desirable to know that all of your needs, assets, family members and estate are in safe hands. By creating a power of attorney, you can rest assured that decisions made will be for the good of those you will be leaving behind.

A durable power of attorney will permit you to leave directives for your care and treatment, and should be created in conjunction with a living will or advance medical directive (sometimes called an advanced medical directive), a guardianship or trust for minor children, and a revocable living will to avoid probate.

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