Avoid Virginia estate tax with a revocable living trust

Avoid money loss…protect your estate and trust today!

You’ve worked hard to provide financial freedom for your family, now the government wants to take a good chunk of money away from them? Without legal documentation your assets are vulnerable to extra taxes, hidden fees and lengthy court battles. Your family could have to wait months or years before seeing a penny without a solid revocable living trust (RLT).

An RLT allows you to customize how you’d like your financial wishes carried out after you pass away. You can:

  • Reduce or eliminate state taxes
  • Assign power of attorney
  • Segregate assets in a marriage
  • Seal private details about a trust
  • Avoid probate court

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Protect your estate during a changing tax environment!

Currently you must pay an estate tax if your estate is worth more than $5 million for 2011 and 2012 ($10 million for couples), so you should definitely consider a Revocable Living Trust or RLT.

Evaluate your financial situation including your home, savings, retirement and other assets. If they total more than $1 million, call us today to plan for the future. Don’t wait for the law change to leave you out in the cold.

The RLT and tax attorney at Northern Virginia Trusts & Estates are on the forefront of knowing the latest laws and estate taxation policies so that your estate and assets are protected at all times. We can assist with RLT record keeping and provide a well rounded approach to estate planning including wills, power of attorney and guardianships.

Don’t let time slip away and leave your family or heirs in the dark. Now is the best time to get your financial and legal affairs in order. You can be proactive and allocate funds into a RLT that matches your needs and family’s lifestyle.

Northern Virginia Trusts and Estates specializes in providing low cost estate planning services in Northern Virginia including Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, McLean, Vienna, Centreville and all of Northern Virginia.  We never charge more than we advertise and we never charge based on the size of your estate.

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